Measure Sustainability

Know how sustainable your chemical processes are based on economic, life cycle environment, health and safety aspects

Scientific Methodology

Well researched and proven scientific methodology to evaluate chemical process sustainability at an early stage in process development

Simplified Decision making

Speed-up stage gate analysis and enable R&D scientists to focus on their core strengths by quickly evaluating a wider range of process alternatives

Data-driven Sustainability reports

Use data driven mathematical modelling using state of the art algorithms to generate easy to understand and insightful sustainability reports


Our in-house team of Data analysts are trained to provide our clients with high quality chemical and chemical process data. Our internal systems collate and validate data from multiple sources, thus providing your R&D team with ready to use data.

Integrated Decision Making

Our tools enable organizations to objectively consider a variety of different inputs for sustainability decision making in a fast and simplified manner. They can be used to stay ahead of the competition by speeding up economically, environmentally and socially sustainable innovations.

 Proven Scientific Methodology

Our scientific methodology has already been used to analyze a variety of processes successfully and efficiently. The results have been published in leading scientific journals. Our methodology is continuously evolving and with each new release we are adding even more depth to our already deep chemical process sustainability reports.

 Intuitive Web-INTERFACE

Our web application tool has been created keeping in mind the natural application usage patterns of our users. Teams and individuals will find our application extremely easy to use and manage. It will become an indispensable and efficient resource for faster iterations to develop novel sustainable chemical processes.

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